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Murry & Lenman

Murray & Lanman Florida Water Soap

Murray & Lanman Florida Water Soap

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Indulge in the invigorating citrus aroma of Murray and Lanman's Florida Water, now encapsulated in this delightful soap. Florida Water Soap serves not only as a physical cleanser but also as a potent tool for spiritual purification. Florida Water is a traditional tool for spiritual cleansing, blessing and protection.

Originating as a commonplace toilette water in the 19th century, Florida Water has gained popularity among spiritual practitioners of various traditions. This mystical blend comprises water, alcohol, and essential oils, offering a robust citrus fragrance with subtle floral notes and a hint of earthiness.

The potency of Florida Water lies in its fragrant botanicals, which attract good fortune and benevolent spirits wherever it is used. By raising the vibrational frequency of its surroundings, Florida Water creates an environment where negativity and harm find it difficult to thrive.

This versatile elixir serves as a foundation for numerous energetic and magical application. Florida Water proves to be a powerful agent for spiritual cleansing. Additionally, it can clear and reprogram crystals, gems, and jewelry, enhancing their spiritual efficacy.

Embrace the transformative power of Murray and Lanman's Florida Water Soap and let its refreshing essence cleanse not only your body but also your spirit, creating a sanctuary of positivity and protection in your everyday life.


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Murray & Lanman Florida Water Soap
Murray & Lanman Florida Water Soap
Murray & Lanman Florida Water Soap
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