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Lakay Remedies

Gres Koulèv / Lwil Koulèv

Gres Koulèv / Lwil Koulèv

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Gres Koulèv, also known as Snake Oil, is a natural male enhancement product that's great for length. Gres Koulèv is a traditional product from Haiti that permanently enhances the male genitalia. For centuries, snake oil has naturally given length to the penis. You can begin to see results in 3-4 weeks by following the simple instructions. Get permanent results without surgery, and control the length you want.

You can use snake oil for split ends, dandruff, hair loss, stiffness, and chronic pain. Snake Oil is also used for inflammatory conditions, such as joint pain, arthritis, gout, and muscle aches. In conjunction with eliminating inflammation, snake oil is used following an injury or surgery or during a chronic illness that may cause constant or persistent pain. Used topical, this oil can speed up the healing of painful wounds and injuries.   


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How to Use

Put on gloves, cut a small piece of fresh Aloe plant and get the gel. Squeeze the aloe until it's not as solid. With the tip of your penis facing down you will take the Aloe gel and pull down on your penis until you reach the tip, make sure the Aloe doesn't get in the hole ( meatus). Keep repeating the exercise until the Aloe gel becomes completely dry. This is not masturbation, you are doing a stretch exercise. When Aloe completely dries pour some Gres Koulèv on your fingers and spread all over penis including tip. Make sure you use enough to have a nice slip but not overly Slippery.Now your going to masturbate, you should be hard (aroused) by now.Head of penis should be facing up now. Put your index finger and thumb in an O shape starting from the tip of the penis pulling downward in a twisting motion towards the base. Make the O smaller until you put mild pressure on your penis shaft. Repeat this second exercise for about three minutes. Reduce the pressure if this feels painful. If you want the head to be larger, encircle the head and blow on it. If you aren't flexible enough you can get someone to do it for you. The last exercise is using the penis pump. Follow the instructions that come with your penis pump. Pump and release for two to five minutes. This is best to do at night, you go to sleep with the Gres koulèv on and wash off in the morning. You should do this for 10-15 minutes everyday. Penis pump is highly recommended.


Gres Koulèv (snake oil)

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