Payment Information and Order Confirmation

For Unsuccessfully Submitted Orders Placed with credit/debit card

Your financial institution will place a temporary hold on your card for the amount of the order when:

  • An order is attempted, but not successfully submitted.

  • The order is ultimately fully canceled.

The temporary hold is in anticipation of the order being shipped. You won't be charged for an unsuccessful order submission and the temporary hold will expire automatically within the timeframe set by your financial institution. This is typically 5 to 7 business days.


 Fully canceled orders

If your order has been fully canceled, the temporary hold will expire automatically within the timeframe set by your financial institution. 

If you used a Lakay Remedies gift card to pay for any part of your order, the money will be returned to it at the time your order is canceled.


For your own security, you won't be able to submit an order on if the billing address, credit card expiration date and/or security code doesn't match your credit card statement. requires you to enter the correct security code with every purchase. We will not remember your security code.


Applicable sales tax will be applied to your order in accordance with state and local laws, and an estimated tax amount will be reflected in the order summary before checkout.

The tax rate is determined by several factors including, but not limited to the items purchased, the ship-to destination, and the ship-from location. Please note that your order's ship-from location can change between the time your order is placed and when it ships, which may result in a sales tax charge that differs from the original estimate.


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