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Damiana Chocolate Lovers Elixir

Damiana Chocolate Lovers Elixir

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This Damiana Chocolate Lovers Elixir designed for chocolate lovers. It promotes intimacy, passion and pleasure! Served at the beginning of a hot date night, it's dangerously lip-smacking good.

Infused with brandy, chocolate, and enriched with the power of Damiana, this gift is a sensual delight for the chocolate lovers out there. Take this one for a test run on your next hot date night.

Damiana is known to strengthen the reproductive systems of both men and women, and it is thought to replenish sexual vitality. It's nervine and toning properties make it a good herb for the nervous system as well as a relaxant and antidepressant.

Its aphrodisiac quality also makes it very beneficial for those who feel "sexually inadequate" as it helps the body relax, releases tension, and allows the body to feel more comfortable. 

Damiana prevent and treat sexual problems; boosting and maintain mental and physical stamina.

Perfect for chocolate lovers.


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Damiana Chocolate Lovers Elixir
Damiana Chocolate Lovers Elixir
Damiana Chocolate Lovers Elixir
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