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CrimsonFlow Tincture

CrimsonFlow Tincture

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CrimsonFlow Rescue Tincture is a natural and effective solution crafted to alleviate the discomfort associated with menorrhagia, commonly known as heavy menstrual bleeding. Carefully formulated with the healing power of nature, this tincture combines three potent ingredients: Shepherd's Purse Leaf, Black Haw, and Cinnamon Chips, to provide relief and support during challenging menstrual cycles.

CrimsonFlow Rescue Tincture is to be used if you experience heavy bleeding through a pad or tampon in 2 hours or less. Shepherd's Purse Leaf helps to regulate the menstrual cycle, reducing excessive bleeding and promoting a healthier flow. Black Haw’s muscle-relaxing properties ease uterine spasms, providing relief from painful cramps. Cinnamon Chips reduce inflammation, minimizing discomfort and promoting a sense of calm.

Experience the soothing relief and embrace your menstrual cycle with confidence. Our CrimsonFlow Rescue Tincture is your natural companion, providing the comfort you need during challenging times. Say goodbye to excessive bleeding and hello to a more harmonious menstrual cycle. Your well-being is our priority, naturally.


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CrimsonFlow Tincture
CrimsonFlow Tincture
CrimsonFlow Tincture
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