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Gres Koulev African Oil Mix (Kigelia & Apki)

Gres Koulev African Oil Mix (Kigelia & Apki)

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Gres Koulev & Africana Oil Mix will help you to achieve a fuller, longer penis with nourishing results. The powerful blend of natural extracts, delivers antioxidants, fatty acids, and proteins to nourish the penis.

Experience real African male enhancement with Gres Koulev African Oil Mix. This special blend contains Kigelia africana, Gres Koulèv, and Apki, each with its own unique set of benefits such as enhanced penis plumping, bulkiness, and length. Kigelia's powerful compounds help bulk up the penis naturally, while Apki stimulates arousal and enhances the body's natural testosterone production. Get permanent results without surgery with Gres Koulèv, the natural male enhancement that will help you achieve the length you want.

This oil can be combined with our Gres Cacao.

1 oz is a great addition to our Gres Cacao or Gres Koulev. 


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