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The Power of Vaginal Steaming / Yoni Steaming

What is Vaginal Steaming or Yoni Steaming?

Vaginal steaming, yoni steam, sitz bath, steam bath, v steam, and bain are different names for the practice. Haitians call it bain which is used after postpartum. Yoni means vagina in Sanskrit. 

Vaginal steam is a health and wellness practice where steam is infused with healing herbs that reach deep into tissue and skin to eliminate congestion. The combination of water and selected herbs also brings warmth and circulation to the internal reproductive organs to fortify, detoxify and tone the tissues, and relax the muscles. This helps bring fresh blood and nutrients to reproductive organs near the area being steamed.

The practice is involved you sitting above a pot of warm water with your lady parts exposed and allowing the steam to penetrate hard-to-reach areas. Yoni steaming is a very gentle practice where the steam is warm, but not scalding. By adding herbs to the water, therapeutic phytochemicals can be introduced to the surrounding tissue, and the steam helps thin mucus, releasing any residue that has built up.

As a result of this practice, the body, mind, and spirit are relaxed and rejuvenated, and it can be a tranquil time for meditation, prayer, or journaling.

What does vaginal steaming help with?

Vaginal steaming is used by many different cultures and people for many different reasons. There are over 30 countries where vaginal steaming is practiced. Many places all over the world such as Central America, the Caribbean Islands, Europe, South America, Mexico, certain Native American tribes, Africa, Asia, and more where women are practicing vaginal steaming.

Its benefits can be noticed on the first session with an immediate increase in energy and stress reduction, and helps tremendously with the relief of abdominal pain, menstrual cramps, irregular or heavy menses, infertility, PMS, PCOS, hormonal imbalances, vaginal dryness, yeast, and bacterial infection. It also tones and strengthens the vaginal and uterine walls, revitalizes the reproductive system, speeds up postpartum recovery, and lessens menopausal symptoms. Furthermore, it assists with scarred and damaged tissues, stagnant energy, low libido, prolapse, trauma,  transitional period, and emotional detoxification.

Yoni steaming can be beneficial if you are struggling with heavy clotting, excessive bleeding, very long or short menstrual cycles, bloating, or anything else that does not feel like optimal menstrual cycle health.

Women choose to incorporate vaginal steaming into their wellness routines to help with any of the following:

Menstrual cycle health

Women who use vaginal steam usually report lighter periods with less cramping, smaller clots, and less brown discharge both before and after their period. Incorporating certain herbs in a steam practice can also help shorten long menstrual cycles or lengthen short menstrual cycles. 

Menstrual Items


PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Adenomyosis, and Ovarian Cysts

Steaming with the correct herbs using a schedule targeted to your concerns can be a helpful part of a healing journey with the conditions of PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Adenomyosis, and Ovarian Cysts. Steaming should be in your tool kit to help with these conditions, while you also work to find the root cause of the condition. 

PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Adenomyosis, and Ovarian Cysts is Bad



Dealing with recurrent infections is physically and emotionally exhausting. Incorporating herbs known for their disinfecting properties in your vaginal steaming wellness routines can help manage and potentially prevent the onset of an infection.

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The most common symptoms we hear about from customers experiencing menopause are vaginal dryness, infections, and hot flashes. Luckily, vaginal steaming can alleviate all of these symptoms.  By combining moisturizing herbs, disinfecting herbs, and cooling herbs, we can provide powerful plant compounds to those areas in need of support. The steam itself helps to moisturize tissue and improve circulation. It is best not to steam too long if you experience hot flashes, as 10-minute steam can provide all the benefits without overheating your body. 

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After each period your body grows a brand new uterine lining full of nutrient-rich tissue to support the growth of the fertilized egg. After your period has ended, vaginal steaming is very effective at thinning mucus and helping the body to clear the mucus out and also rid itself of old residue and tissue.

Vaginal steaming also helps to improve circulation, bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients to the steamed areas and reproductive organs. Eggs need three months to grow before they are ready for ovulation. Regular steaming, in addition to taking a good prenatal supplement, may help provide that blossoming egg with additional nutrients.

Fertility can be complicated. It is not uncommon for two women experiencing infertility issues to have two very different menstrual cycle issues and symptoms. Your first step would be to keep track of your menstrual cycle, your ovulation cycle, and your symptoms to determine what YOUR body requires and then develop a wellness routine that is best suited to support your fertility journey. 

Woman dealing with fertility Issues.

Postpartum Healing

One of the most common historical uses of vaginal steaming is to aid postpartum healing. In the week following birth, your body will continue to expel blood and tissue, called lochia. Steaming can help to thin mucus, enabling your body to eliminate lochia more effectively. 

Haitian Tradition and culture use bain after childbirth to promote healing in the body, restoration of muscle, alleviation of pain, and energy cleansing. Bain is the Haitian word for yoni steaming and vaginal steaming.

The effects of steaming on postpartum recovery include lowering blood pressure and pulse, uterine restoration, weight loss, labia healing, ceasing uterine bleeding through drawing out lochia, reducing suture discomfort, promoting bowel regularity, and reducing hemorrhoids.

Woman and baby Postpartum


Miscarriage and/or Abortion Healing

Healing after a miscarriage and/or abortion is still postpartum healing. You still went through pregnancy and delivery, no matter how long your baby lived inside you or how the pregnancy ended. Miscarriage and/or abortion healing is similar to healing after live birth. Your uterus will still expel lochia for a few days to a few weeks. Your uterus will still shrink back down. You may also have emotional trauma to process and grieve. Vaginal steaming can provide a safe, calm space to begin healing both physically and emotionally. 

Woman experiencing Miscarriage

Emotional healing from trauma

Vaginal steaming can help women process trauma and heal their relationship with their bodies in a safe, comfortable environment. Vaginal steaming is a very relaxing activity. It is common for women to feel calm and peaceful after vaginal steam sessions. There is no doubt that steaming is not a substitute for therapy or counseling. It can strengthen the mind-body connection and promote healing in a safe, nurturing environment.

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